At LANT Dental we believe that each dentist is worthy to work only with high quality instruments that help them achieving predictable results. We love to think that instruments represent the doctorʹs hand extension. You should rely on your instruments as you rely on the precision of your hand, your knowledge, your experience.

While you have total control on your abilities, why wouldnʹt you do the same with the dental instruments?

Choose from the best range of dental instruments, with more than 100 years of history and heritage. Stoma / Storz am Mark GmbH is known for its continuous growth and instruments development and improvement.

In partnership with the best dental practitioners, Stoma brought into dental surgery field the first instruments and micro screws that help fixing the bone plates in bone regeneration at micro level. The micro screws are as small as 1,0 and 1,2 mm in diameter, with a vast range of lenghts. Easy. Predictable. Biologically.

Starting today, we are organising LANT Dental events exclusively with brand name personalized Hands-On-Workshop Khoury micro screw kits. We are fully dedicated to offering the participants an authentic experience during our events. Each of the dentists will be able to test the real Stoma experience, and we are ready to show us as we are.

So what is success made of?
We think of experience, joy, abilities and the right instruments in a surgeonʹs hand that will round up the whole experience of success.
Keep following us.
We will come shortly with news related to the planned events for the months to come.